2017 Grant Awards:  

                   OSU Folk Club has awarded Philomath Community Services $2,750 to purchase chain link fencing for the wood yard. Thank you!

    Oregon Food Bank has awarded PCS $5,000 for HVAC improvements. Thank you!


United Way Day of Caring - 2016

United Way Day of Caring 2016



40 Hewlett Packard employees volunteered their time at PCS for a half day to celebrate the United Way Day of Caring. They pulled weeds, hauled bark and wood, cut weeds, grass and blackberries, mopped floors, washed windows, cleaned a walk-in cooler, power-washed racks and the parking lot. The 40 volunteers did a great job and we're thankful for their help! Thank you Hewlett Packard employees for your caring and concern for PCS.





Philomath Community Services  - Board of Director's Minutes

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