2019 Board Photo —left to right: Karen Fuller, Jean Goul, Van Hunsaker, Karen Rowe, Bardon Maginnis, Denise Guinn, Peggy Clark, Connie Barnes, Michelle Thompson, Terry Weiss, David Low, Catherine Biscoe, Mark McGuire.

Voting Members

Jean Goul: President
Taraleen Elliott: Vice President 
David Low: Treasurer
Karen Rowe: Secretary
Michelle Thompson
Will Wright
Laurie Lewis

Board President, Jean Goul

Ex officio Members

Catherine Biscoe:  Philomath Community Gleaners, Program Manager
Laura Coen:  Holiday Cheer, Program Manager
Debbie Delmore:  June’s Kids Kloset, Program Manager
Denise Guinn:  Lupe’s Community Garden, Program Manager
Maggie Hammond: Volunteer Coordinator
Lillee Rodriguez: Bookkeeper

Board Meetings

We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:15 PM. Meetings are public and held in the Food Bank area of the Philomath Community Services building. If you would like an opportunity to comment or question at a Board meeting, please contact us