Programs currently operating with adaptations:

November 7, 2020: We’re Hiring!

Philomath Community Services is pleased to announce we are seeking a new full-time executive director. For more details, check out the position description. First review of applications begins November 13, 2020.

September 25, 2020: Gratitude in Abundance! – An update from PCS Board President, Jean Goul

The greater Philomath area delivers so much to be grateful for in this very challenging situation we find ourselves in.  As Board President of Philomath Community Services (PCS) , I extend my gratitude for everyone who helped in any way to keep us going – our donors, our esteemed volunteers, including our Board of Directors, Linn Benton Food Share, our Philomath City Manager and Mayor, and our maintenance and support personnel.

The immediate and immense generosity of the citizens of Philomath and Benton County as a whole, have been stupendously outstanding!  Partnerships with the school lunch program,  several local churches, United Way, Linn Benton Food Share, and Philomath Community Foundation have been extremely helpful in stabilizing and sustaining us in our charitable endeavors at PCS.  That’s to name only a few organizations.  So many individuals have stepped up to help us out as well, and we appreciate your tremendous donations.


PCS is open to serve our community!  


We have sought ways to get the word out about the Philomath Food Bank, and the Philomath Community Gleaners, as well as June’s Kids Kloset, and Lupe’s Community Garden..  We didn’t miss a beat with our programs, except for the last week of August, when we closed our building for three days in an abundance of caution regarding the virus.  We’re back up and running!

June’s Kids Kloset is open for service at the door.  Donations are being accepted once again. Please check the link to JKK.

Maintaining a safe work space, while providing food and clothing to clients has been our ongoing goal.  The Food Bank is also distributing KN95 masks, which are helpful with the smokey air.

There’s probably a lot of folks out there in our service area who could use a monthly emergency food box, or clothing for their children.  Please know that we want to help over the long run.  In the meantime,  Lupe’s Community Garden has seen an increase in interest and volunteer help in preparing and planing the garden.  Garden harvests are being donated to the Food Bank.

Our Holiday Cheer program is beginning to start planning for the upcoming holidays. Please consider how you may be able to help, as a donor, a sponsor, a shopper, or helping spread the word to those who need assistance.


Wildfire Evacuations

Under the direction of Taraleen Elliott, PCS Board VP, we coordinated the collection of donations of food, and hygiene products and more, for the wildfire evacuees in Benton County.  It was an awesome collection on Sept. 10.  We appreciate all who donated!

Please note that if you are hosting evacuees in our service area, PCS Food Bank and June’s Kids Kloset are here to help.  Becoming a part of the Gleaners may also be an option. Please click on the program links for more information.

We’ve had to abandon our newsletter for the time being, but we plan to keep our website up to date as much as possible, and we post Facebook messages as needed for immediate communication.


Good news!  We will be hiring a Full-time Executive Director before the year is out!  Stay tuned for details!


Stay strong, Philomath!  As a whole Philomath is sustaining us through this crisis.  Please feel free to email me for more information or suggestions for improving the delivery of our services.

Jean Goul



March 16, 2020: Community Help during the Pandemic — Message from PCS Board President, Jean Goul

Philomath Community Services is definitely facing some challenges. Currently, our volunteer base is doing well, but we are limiting access to our facility to reduce the amount of possible exposures.

Linn Benton Food Share is our main source of quality products, and our gratitude to them is immense!

PCS is currently changing our style of operations in response to the COVID-19 virus. We’re doing what we can to sanitize our work areas and practice the recommended hygiene protocols from the county, state and federal health authorities.

As of March 17, 2020, Philomath Food Bank has changed to a pre-packed box/bag system of food pickup at the door with a nice assortment of nonperishable foods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat. Bread is very limited. Food Bank offers monthly emergency food boxes.

Philomath Community Gleaners is changing to a pre-packed box/bag system this Saturday, March 21, with a nice assortment of non-perishable foods, and fresh produce, some dairy and meat as well. Bread, again, is very limited. Our Gleaners offer weekly food boxes during this emergency. Delivery service is already established for Adoptees (households unable to meet the monthly work requirements to be a Gleaner), but there may be more households who require food delivery to reduce their possible exposure to the virus.

New Clients of Food Bank will be welcomed and given food. We will follow-up on completing their application as time and resources permit.

Our June’s Kids Kloset has closed as of March 12, until further notice to focus on the priority needs of our community. However, if there is an urgent need for something in the Kloset that we can offer, clients may contact me, Jean, at 541-231-8871.

Lupe’s Community Garden is offering an opportunity for volunteers to get some exercise while helping with some productive gardening. Weeding and garden plot preparation are underway, and planting will soon take place. We need to limit the number of volunteers so they can be spaced well. Please call Denise Guinn, Program Manager of the Garden to set up a time to volunteer: 541-207-2982, or email at lupesgarden[AT]

PCS would like to be able to help our partner agencies as well, if the need arises.  We would love to help anyone who needs food, but we would need emergency funding and sources of food for PCS to extend our services beyond our program commitments.

Please make it known that PCS is ready to help our community in this emergency situation in whatever capacity we are able, one day at a time.

We will get through this together!  Keep well!

The United Way has reached out to help with funding, and to solicit donations. Linn Benton Food Share is a source of much food for the gleaners and food banks in our area — when food is available. Here are the websites to make those donations:
Donating food itself is not as useful as donation of money at this time for several reasons.  We’d like to be able to offer equitable and balanced food boxes to those in need.  Having food coming from different households offers more danger of spreading illness. We would all like to limit exposures to the virus.   Linn Benton Food Share can offer our programs food at reduced cost — if it is available.
This is a dynamic situation, so please check back for updates. Thanks so much for so many offers to help your neighbors! You can contact Jean at 541-231-8871.  Email: president[AT]